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Maintenance Valuepark Terneuzen officially launched

Today, Hans van der Hart, the manager of Valuepark Terneuzen handed over the business plan for the Maintenance Valuepark Terneuzen to the representative of the province of Zeeland, Toine Poppelaars, and the mayor of Terneuzen, Jan Lonink. In so-doing, the park, which is an initiative of Dow Benelux and Zeeland Seaports, was officially launched.

The aim of the project Maintenance Valuepark is to create a high-quality, specialised industrial estate with the objective of stimulating innovation and co-operation in the maintenance sector. By equipping a site where contractors, knowledge institutes and providers of value-added services can be based, a ‘centre of excellence' for maintenance services and services aimed at the process industry in the south-western part of the Netherlands will come about.

At present, approximately 25 permanent maintenance companies are active on the site of Dow Benelux in Terneuzen every day. They often have their own offices, workshops, means of transport and support facilities. The contractor park has gradually grown in size. In part due to the growth of these maintenance companies on the site and the increasing amount of space taken up by them, it was decided to explore the feasibility of building a new park at a different location outside the Dow site.

From this site, maintenance companies will not only provide their services to Dow Benelux, but also to various other process industries in the region. The feasibility study indicated that other companies in the region that are active in the process industry support the objectives of the Maintenance Valuepark. The clustering will lead not only to cost savings, but innovation will also receive a significant boost thanks to the planned co-operation.

Last year, Valuepark Terneuzen, a joint venture between Dow Benelux and Zeeland Seaports, received a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The World Class Maintenance programme also supports the initiative.

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